Hanami Lipstick - Naked Lunch

Hanami Lipstick - Naked Lunch



Hanami Lipstick



Say hello to a natural lipstick that actually sticks. Yep, this vegan lip colour is super long lasting, meaning it’ll stay vibrant from morning ‘til night … or night ‘til morning (we're not judging!). Jojoba oil and shea butter make for a creamy and flawless application, as well as keeping your lips moisturized all day long!


*Please note: our lipsticks went through a total reformulation in November 2018, and this shade does vary slightly to the previous 'Naked Lunch' that we stocked prior to this date, due to a change of ingredients.


Key Features: hydrating and moisturizing – stops your lips from drying out, plant waxes and oils create a creamy flawless application. Semi matte, long-lasting colo