about supply merchant

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heather & nicole

Heather and Nicole met over 10 years ago when they began working together in a Geelong hair & beauty salon.  Both with extensive careers in the hair and beauty industry, they have always had a love for superior quality hair and beauty products.

It wasnt until after they both started their families that they became more aware of the ingredients in the products they were using.  This interest grew after they each developed some health concerns and auto-immune issues after so many years of working day in, day out with hair and beauty products.  The thing is, the products you are using on your body and hair, should be highly effective, but they can also be kinder to your health and the environment.

So, it is here that Supply Merchant came together.  A collation of professional quality hair, beauty and personal care products.  With ingredients you can trust.  We love the brands we stock and look forward to adding more for you to enjoy.