HAZEL & BLONDIE - Balance Shampoo 300ml

HAZEL & BLONDIE - Balance Shampoo 300ml


Carefully selected, certified organic ingredients, natural botanicals, and essential oils to cleanse, balance scalp oils, and create volume.


Hazel & Blondie Balance shampoo is designed to cleanse and rebalance oily roots and scalp.  It is also the perfect choice for normal scalp with fine to medium hair types.


Our balance shampoo is luxuriously scented with natural essential oils of mandarin, rose geranium, cedarwood, and frankincense. 


Mandarin helps to strengthen hair from the root and balance oils. 


Rose geranium helps to balance the ph level of the scalp and thoroughly cleanse while fighting free radicals keeping hair strong and healthy.


Cedarwood enhances the circulation to the scalp, helping to strengthen follicles and improve hair texture.  It also balances oil production.


Frankincense keeps hair shiny and moisturised, but also prevents flaking and dandruff.  It soothes the hair follicle improving hair health at the root.


Hazel & Blondie Balance shampoo also contains a host of organic certified ingredients for added benefits to hair and scalp, including organic green and white tea, organic ginger extract, organic nettle leaf extract, and organic macadamia oil.