Hanami - Nail Rescue Retreat (3 Pack)

Hanami - Nail Rescue Retreat (3 Pack)


Hanami - Nail Rescue Retreat


Are your nails looking more lacklustre than luxe?

Maybe you’ve been using polishes all day every day, or even worse, acrylics, gels and SNS!

Your nails have dried out, they’re flaky and they’re even looking a little discoloured?

Don't stress your pretty head because we've created something extra special that's going to be right up your alley.

This simple 3 step process will take your nails from “blergh” to “oooo” within just two weeks!

The Nail Rescue Retreat comes with a guide on how to use the 3 products as a two week program, or you can also use them on their own.

Bursting with vitamins, minerals and natural botanics, these beauties are ready to work their butt off to nourish, repair and strengthen your damaged nails.


Step 1: Rescue Me

This is the treatment your nails have been craving! Made from a delicious blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, vitamins and minerals this little beauty will be your nails’ saviour.

Step 2: Nourish Me

This powerhouse uses a highly active cocktail of 5 vitamins and 5 plant extracts to stimulate nail growth while boosting their hydration and strength.

Step 3: Give Me Strength

This fast drying top coat prevents breakage by building up the strength of your nails. The best bit… it’ll leave you with that glossy post-mani effect you love!